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Channel6ix Creative Networking

  • Yan Gao, a Digital Advertising & Marketing specialist, has experience in numerous specialized marketing areas, and a proven track records of helping clients generate up to 15% more in sales growth.
  • Dennis Liang, a graduate of Waterloo, has worked in Canon Hong Kong Co., Ltd, was responsible for shooting actors, models, youtubers and instagramers.
  • Hailey is a singer/songwriter, actress, model, and youtuber with over 230k subscribers and over 12 million views.
  • Juan Ariado, creative Designer at SDI Marketing, and Sr. Creative Designer at North Pole Hoops, will be sharing about the path that he took, to succeed at his current position and moreover, his creative ideas and experience in his working field.
  • Trina Sun, marketing Director at Nu stream Realty, and CEO at Times Two Technology. Who is proficient in marketing strategy-planning and advertising, has the achievement of reaching three billion dollars of sales for her company in 18 months.
  • Derek Lee, president at Media Rez Studios Inc; and Nicole Whitewood, digital marketing specialist at Media Rez Studios, will be sharing valuable details about their experiences in the digital marketing field.